Arrivedo Documentation

API reference

How To Use It

1.- Acquire a Token. In order to use any endpoint, the customer should authenticate using a token. You can request a token applying to our demo here.

2.- Get Organizations. List of organizations that belongs to your account. You will need the organization Id to make other requests (articles, tips).

3.- Get Articles. The list of published articles of an organization, you can use the Article ID to request more detail about the article.

4.- Get Article. The detail of an article with extra info.

What this API doesn’t include

Places information beside name and location The places information in mentioned places such as images, hours of operation, place rating, category belong to Foursquare’s API. A developer should request access to the Foursquare API separately.

Map We use Mapbox API to display out our map information. A developer should request access to Mapbox API separately. Feel free to use the map API of your choice.

Rate Limiting

The use of the Arrivedo API is subject to rate limits. Limits apply to any endpoint except the endpoint to get the token.

The default limit is 500 calls per hour for a regular key (can be increased by request) and 50 calls per hour for a test key.


As we expose before, the rate limits apply to any endpoint (except the endpoint to get the token), in that regard, we strongly recommend to not include directly the Arrivedo API call in your application, but instead, store the data in the cache to avoid reaching the rate limit and affect your application.